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Status of Birds Using a Rice Paddy in South Korea
BACKGROUND: Rice paddies not only produce food but also provides wildlife habitats. Although more than half agricultural land of South Korea is rice paddy, a few studies have been conducted in rice
Ecological Characteristics of Vascular Plants by Habitat Types of Dry Field in Jeolla-do, Korea
BACKGROUND: According to the types of human interference, there are various plants that have strong vitality and ability to breed in the dry field. Recently, climate change alters the geographical
Variation in Population Size of Mudfish by Agricultural Practices in Paddy Fields
The number of individuals of mudfish was higher at the low rate of urban area than any other surveyed region and was affected by appearance ratio of main preys such as Chironomidae sp.
Benthic macroinvertebrate biodiversity improved with irrigation ponds linked to a rice paddy field
The results indicate that BEED is related to the dispersal abilities of each taxonomic group and an irrigation pond increases biodiversity in a paddy field in all regions and the irrigation pond is one method that can be immediately applied in paddy fields in order to improve the biodiversity of agricultural ecosystems.
Syntaxonomy and Synecology of the Robinia pseudoacacia Forests
The black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia L.) forests were studied by a phytosociological approach. Particular attention was given to characterize the vegetation classification, distribution pattern,
Effects of climate and landscape heterogeneity on the distribution of ground beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) in agricultural fields
The results show that climate and heterogeneous landscape compositions may influence the distribution of ground beetle communities in agricultural fields.
Reduction of Pollutant Load by Small Pond in a Rice Paddy Applied with Pig Manure Compost
Pig slurry has been considered as environmental waste to be treated in an appropriate manner. Moreover, water-born pollution loads by agricultural non-point source(NPS) pollution are expected to
Syntaxonomical Characteristics of Abandoned Paddy Fields by Seral Stages in South Korea
BACKGROUND: As a result of rural exodus, aging of rural population, development of high-yield rice varieties and so on, abandoned paddy fields of South Korea have generally increased. The