Kwang-Yul Kim

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The principal mode of the seasonal variation of the Asian summer monsoon (ASM) and the temporal and spatial evolution of the corresponding synoptic fields are investigated via cyclostationary EOF analysis. This study uses the 21-year (1979-99) Xie-Arkin precipitation pentad data and National Center for Environmental Prediction daily reanalysis data focusing(More)
As a scheme to efficiently reduce the effects of multipath fading in next generation wireless communication systems, cooperative communication systems have recently come into the spotlight. Since these cooperative communication systems use cooperative relays with diverse fading coefficients to transmit information, having all relays participate in(More)
The impact of model microphysics on the relationships among hydrometeor profiles, latent heating, and derived satellite microwave brightness temperatures TB have been examined using a nonhydrostatic, adaptive-grid cloud model to simulate a mesoscale convective system over water. Two microphysical schemes (each employing three-ice bulk parameterizations)(More)
We use the CSIRO-Mk3.6 coupled climate model to examine the impact of anthropogenic aerosols (AAs) and long-lived greenhouse gases (GHGs) on aspects of the global ocean circulation. Focusing on the second half of the twentieth century, we compare multiple ten member ensembles of historical climate change, which are forced by different combinations of(More)
Sea ice loss is proposed as a primary reason for the Arctic amplification, although the physical mechanism of the Arctic amplification and its connection with sea ice melting is still in debate. In the present study, monthly ERAInterim reanalysis data are analyzed via cyclostationary empirical orthogonal function analysis to understand the seasonal(More)
In cognitive radios, SUs (Secondary Users) coexist with PUs (Primary Users). The SUs detect those bands not used by the PUs through spectrum sensing, and transmit signals only within the limit not to interfere with the PUs. If we merely use the spectrum sensing information only in a cell with multiple PUs and SUs, the number of subcarriers that can be(More)
This paper proposes a new detection scheme for concealed micro-electronic devices by analyzing harmonic waves which are reflected from targets with classification restricted Boltzmann machine algorithm (Class/RBM). This new method exploits the characteristics of the second and the third harmonics waves to classify metal and electronic devices, as is done in(More)
Sea level is a measurement of considerable interest for the study of climate because it reflects the mass and heat storage changes in the global ocean. Secular changes in sea level have significant societal, economic, environmental and scientific consequences. An emphasis in recent years has been placed on quantifying sea level variations in the past,(More)
Developed in this article are theories of the so-called linear estimation techniques. The methods are exclusively based on the space-time empirical orthogonal functions which describe nonuniform covariance statistics of background uctuations of investigated variable. Two speciic methods to be discussed are the detection and the estimation algorithms with(More)