Kwang-Won Koh

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Copper wire bonding is an alternative interconnection technology that serves as a viable, and cost saving alternative to gold wire bonding. Its excellent mechanical and electrical characteristics attract the high-speed, power management devices and fine-pitch applications. Copper wire bonding can be a potentially alternative interconnection technology along(More)
MPI (Message Passing Interface) is getting more popular and important even in the Grid, but its performance still remains a problem, which is caused by the communication bottleneck on wide area links. To overcome such performance wall problem, we propose a dynamic topology selection which is a kind of resource selection method. It provides an effective(More)
This paper presents the type-2 micro virtual machine monitor (ViMo-T2) for ARM-based mobile systems. It is implemented as a kernel module of the host operating system (OS) and enables to run multiple OSs on a single mobile device simultaneously. Since ViMo-T2 is layered upon the host OS that was already installed by a device manufacture, it is applicable to(More)
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