Kwang-Tsao Shao

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Aphoristia (= Symphurus) orientalis Bleeker 1879, collected from an unspecified depth and location in Japanese waters, is the first described species of symphurine tonguefish from Indo-Pacific waters. The original description with accompanying illustration is based on the unique holotype specimen and provides limited diagnostic characters for this taxon.(More)
Due to insufficient morphological diagnostic characters in larval fishes, it is easy to misidentify them and difficult to key to the genus or species level. The identification results from different laboratories are often inconsistent. This experiment aims to find out, by applying DNA barcoding, how inconsistent the identifications can be among larval fish(More)
The management of real-time streaming data in large-scale collaborative applications presents major processing, communication and administrative challenges. To that end, an open-source RBNB DataTurbine provides an excellent basis for developing robust streaming data middleware. The current RBNB DataTurbine streaming data middleware system satisfies a core(More)
Phylogenetic relastionships within the family pomacentridae teleostei: Perciformes) were inferred by analyzing a portion of the 12S mitochondrial ribosomal DNA gene. Thirty-four pomacentrid species were sequenced for this study and the resulting data were combined with previously published pomacentrid sequence data to form a combined matrix of 53(More)
The emergence of social media enables people to interact with others on the web in ways that are media-rich ("updates" or "posts" can be text, photo, audio, video, etc), time-shifted (correspondence need not happen at once or within a pre-defined time frame), and social in nature. By utilizing social media, citizen science projects can potentially engage(More)
The biodiversity databases in Taiwan were dispersed to various institutions and colleges with limited amount of data by 2001. The Natural Resources and Ecology GIS Database sponsored by the Council of Agriculture, which is part of the National Geographic Information System planned by the Ministry of Interior, was the most well established biodiversity(More)
Under the support of the National Digital Archive Program (NDAP), basic species information about most Taiwanese fishes, including their morphology, ecology, distribution, specimens with photos, and literatures have been compiled into the " Fish Database of Taiwan " ( We expect that the all Taiwanese fish species databank (RSD),(More)
The genetic relationships among northern South China Sea populations of the six bar wrasse (Thallasoma hardwicki) were investigated. Fish collected from the Solomon Islands were used for geographic comparison. In 1998 and 1999, a total of 100 fish were sampled from 6 localities of the northern South China Sea and 3 localities of the Solomon Islands. Genetic(More)
With the establishment of the " Biodiversity Promotion Plan " by the Executive Yuan, Resources Center, which is in charge of integrating data on agriculture, forestry, fishery, animal husbandry, and germplasm, began collaborating with the Catalog of Life of TaiBNET in 2004. Through a linker, i.e., the scientific name, data in these two databases can be(More)
The reach of dominating social media like Facebook and Twitter in the current population is enormous, and these media have long been leveraged for diverse applications. In particular, for some citizen science projects, existing social media increasingly become platforms on which participants interact and contribute. These user contributions, often termed(More)