Kwang Sik Eom

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In this paper, a force estimation method is proposed for force control without force sensor. For this, a disturbance observer is applied to each joint of an n degrees of freedom manipulator to obtain a simple equivalent robot dynamics(SERD) being represented as an n independent double integrator system. To estimate the output of disturbance observer due to(More)
In this paper, a new 6-dof parallel haptic master device is proposed. Many existing haptic devices require large power due to having floating actuator and also have small workspaces. The proposed new mechanism is relatively light by employing non-floating actuators and has large workspace. Kinematic analysis and kinematic optimal design problem is performed(More)
Underwater exploration requires mobility and manipulation. Underwater robotic vehicles(UR y) have been employed for mobility, and robot manipulators attached to the underwater vehicle(i.e., rover) play the role of manipulation. Usually, manipulation mode happens when the rover is stationary. URV is then modeled as a passive joint and the joints of the(More)
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