Kwang O. Park

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We conducted a prospective observational study for premenopausal women receiving adjuvant adriamycin and cyclophosphamide-containing regimens to define the pattern of chemotherapy-induced amenorrhea (CIA), the menopause-specific quality of life (MENQOL), and the hormone profiles. From October 2003 to July 2007, 387 patients with breast cancer who underwent(More)
Among 53 Acinetobacter baumannii isolates collected in 2004, nine imipenem-resistant isolates were obtained from clinical specimens taken from patients hospitalized in Busan, Korea. Nine carbapenemase-producing isolates were further investigated in order to determine the mechanisms underlying resistance. These isolates were then analyzed via antibiotic(More)
In the field of image technology, three-dimensional (3D) image display can give the intuitive information more efficiently. In medical science, 3D visualization is used for the purpose of education and diagnosis and is becoming increasingly more important. In this article, several structures of the larynx are visualized by 3D image and displayed on the Web(More)
BACKGROUND Opioid analgesics are widely used to reduce postoperative pain and to enhance post-operative recovery. However, orthostatic intolerance (OI) induced by opioid containing intravenous patient controlled analgesia (IPCA) may hinder postoperative recovery. This study investigated factors that affect OI in patients receiving IPCA for postoperative(More)
AIM To identify the effects of cryotherapy on patient discomfort following craniotomy. BACKGROUND Following craniotomy, many patients suffer from unexpected discomfort, including pain, eyelid oedema and ecchymosis. Cryotherapy is regarded as a safe method for managing these postcraniotomy problems. DESIGN Randomised controlled trial. METHODS A total(More)
PURPOSE This study was done to evaluate the experience of securing patient safety in hospital operating rooms. METHODS Experiential data were collected from 15 operating room nurses through in-depth interviews. The main question was "Could you describe your experience with patient safety in the operating room?". Qualitative data from the field and(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this qualitative study was to evaluate the experience of role adaptation from nurse to member of the nursing faculty. METHODS Data were collected from 13 members of a nursing faculty through in-depth interviews. The main question asked was "Could you describe your experience from being a nurse to becoming a member of the nursing(More)
A supply chain management (SCM) system is a strategic cooperative that organically integrates all supply chains to improve the performance of a company. The greatest critical success factor of SCM is partnership. Without cooperation between companies, SCM performance is limited. Does this imply, therefore, that companies within the supply chain can achieve(More)
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