Kwang-Lung Lin

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Previously, the ascorbate peroxidase (APX1) activity and gene expression in Chinese cabbage (Brassica campestris, Bc) heat-tolerant cv. ASVEG2 were found to be significantly higher than in heat-sensitive cv. RN720 under a heat stress. Furthermore, BcAPX2 and BcAPX3, isoforms of BcAPX1, were cloned in this study. Our objective was to transfer BcAPX cDNA(More)
[1] We present the coupling methodology and validation of a fully coupled inner and global magnetosphere code using the infrastructure provided by the Space Weather Modeling Framework (SWMF). In this model, the Comprehensive Ring Current Model (CRCM) represents the inner magnetosphere, while the Block-Adaptive-Tree Solar-Wind Roe-Type Upwind Scheme(More)
Conventional databases are mainly characterized by their strict data consistency requirements. Database systems for real-time applications must satisfy timing constraints associated with transactions. In this paper a novel disk scheduling algorithm for real-time database system is proposed. The main objective of this paper is to initiate an enquiry in Disk(More)
The drop resistance and fracture behavior of Sn–37Pb, Sn–3.0Ag–0.5Cu (SAC305), Sn–1.0Ag–0.5Cu (SAC105), and Sn–8.5Zn–0.5Ag–0.01Al–0.1 Ga (SnZn-5e) solder ball joints under the board-level drop test (BLDT) and the ball impact test (BIT) were studied. The results show that the drop reliabilities in terms of the characteristic life ratio from theWeibul plot(More)
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