Kwang-Jin Koh

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—This paper demonstrates a 16-element phased-array transmitter in a standard 0.18-m SiGe BiCMOS technology for Q-band satellite applications. The transmitter array is based on the All-RF architecture with 4-bit RF phase shifters and a corporate-feed network. A 1:2 active divider and two 1:8 passive tee-junction dividers constitute the corporate-feed(More)
error is 6 at 6–18 GHz for all 4-bit phase states. The measured group delay is 162.5 12.5 ps for all phase states at 6–18 GHz. The RMS phase mismatch and RMS gain mismatch among the eight channels are 2 7 and 0.4 dB, respectively, for all 16 phase states, over 6–18 GHz. The 8-element array can operate instantaneously at any center frequency and with a wide(More)
— This paper presents a complete 8-element X/Ku-band phased array based on a single silicon chip. The phased array is integrated together with the antennas and digital control circuitry on a single Teflon board. The chip-on-board package, together with 8 X/Ku-band RF inputs and one RF output in a 2.2x2.5mm 2 area, and the appropriate grounding and Vcc(More)