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A 4-bit active digital phase shifter integrated with digital control circuitry in 0.13-mum CMOS technology is developed for K-band multiple antenna arrays. The active phase shifter synthesizes the required phase using a phase interpolation process by adding quadrature phased input signals. The phase shifter uses a resonance-based quadrature all-pass filter(More)
—This paper demonstrates a 16-element phased-array transmitter in a standard 0.18-m SiGe BiCMOS technology for Q-band satellite applications. The transmitter array is based on the All-RF architecture with 4-bit RF phase shifters and a corporate-feed network. A 1:2 active divider and two 1:8 passive tee-junction dividers constitute the corporate-feed(More)
This paper presents the design and analysis of an improved wideband in-phase/quadrature (I/Q) network and its implementation in a wideband phased-array front-end. It is found that the addition of two resistors (<i>R</i><sub>s</sub>) in the all-pass I/Q network results in improved amplitude and phase performance versus capacitance loading and frequency,(More)
A four-element phased-array front-end receiver based on 4-bit RF phase shifters is demonstrated in a standard 0.18-mum SiGe BiCMOS technology for <i>Q</i>-band (30-50 GHz) satellite communications and radar applications. The phased-array receiver uses a corporate-feed approach with on-chip Wilkinson power combiners, and shows a power gain of 10.4 dB with an(More)
This paper presents a Ku-band SiGe BiCMOS phased array receive chip capable of forming four-simultaneous beams from two antenna inputs. The design is based on the all-RF architecture with 4-bit active phase shifters and 4-bit variable gain amplifiers in each channel. The four-beam chip results in a gain of 4-6 dB per channel at 13-15 GHz, a noise figure of(More)
error is 6 at 6–18 GHz for all 4-bit phase states. The measured group delay is 162.5 12.5 ps for all phase states at 6–18 GHz. The RMS phase mismatch and RMS gain mismatch among the eight channels are 2 7 and 0.4 dB, respectively, for all 16 phase states, over 6–18 GHz. The 8-element array can operate instantaneously at any center frequency and with a wide(More)
This paper presents an 8-element linear phased array receiver in 0.18-mum SiGe BiCMOS technology for X-and Ku-band applications. The array receiver adopts RF phase shifting architecture and the active 4-bit phase shifter synthesizes a phase by adding two properly weighted I-and Q-input. With all the digital control circuitry, bandgap reference and ESD(More)
A 16-element phased-array transmitter based on 4-bit RF phase shifters is designed in 0.18-mum SiGe BiCMOS technology for Q-band applications. The phased-array shows 12.5plusmn1.5 dB of power gain per channel at 42.5 GHz for all phase states and the 3-dB gain bandwidth is 40-45.6 GHz. The input and output return loss is less than -10 dB at 37.5-50 GHz. The(More)