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  • Muhammad H Dashtban, Zahra Dashtban, +14 authors J. H. Kim
  • 2011
In this paper, a general approach for international vehicle license plate localization and recognition is proposed. A hybrid solution is presented with combining basic machine vision techniques and neural networks. The proposed model consists of three main parts, including localization, segmentation and recognition. In the license plate localization, after(More)
Video text information plays an important role in semantic-based video analysis, indexing, and retrieval. Text embedded in the image or video contains very useful information like the name of the person, title, location and sometimes brief description of the image. Many algorithms have been proposed to detect and localize the text information present in(More)
Reading machines are mechatronic devices which use optical character recognition and text-to-speech technology in order to output synthetic voice from printed text. In this paper an assistive system has been proposed for visually impaired or blind persons. It reads textual information on papers and produces corresponding voice using OCR (Optical Character(More)
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