Kwang-Ho Yoon

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Among the alternative energy sources, the solar energy is recognized as an important energy source and its application is increasing. Especially in future, the hybrid solar energy generation system with battery and fuel cell will be widely used as an independent distributed power generation system. In this paper, a solar power hybrid home generation system(More)
Nowadays, some applications require high efficiency under wide load range and wide input variation. In order to get high voltage gain characteristics in a wide input and load ranges, the conventional LLC resonant converter requires a small magnetizing inductance, and a lot of losses by the higher magnetizing current can be generated in the switches and(More)
Solar cell is one of the most important new renewable energy sources for future energy generation. This paper presents a novel two stage DC/DC converter topology for photovoltaic (PV) power conditioning systems (PCSs). The proposed converter consists of an interleaved boost converter and a two-tank LLC resonant converter which is connected in parallel in(More)
This paper presents high efficiency LLC resonant converter operating at the fixed switching frequency which is applied for PV PCS (Photovoltaic Power Conditioning System) with wide input-voltage variations. Operating modes and voltage gain analysis of LLC resonant converter with single and two resonant tanks are described. The secondary windings are(More)
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