Kwang Hee Seo

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A 5-year-old Black boy presented with massive hepatomegaly and muscle weakness. Liver biopsy revealed the presence of glycogen pools in the cytoplasm and nuclei of hepatocytes. Erythrocyte glycogen levels, identified as limit dextrin, were grossly increased. The galactose tolerance test as well as the two-stage glucagon stimulation test suggested a decrease(More)
This paper presents a new position-based adaptive impedance control (PAIC) scheme of a cleaning unit for a novel wall-climbing mobile robotic platform (ROPE RIDE), which can climb up a high-rise building with the help of a rope ascender and two propellers thrusters. To guarantee the cleaning performance of proposed ROPE RIDE, it is crucial to maintain a(More)
In this paper, we present a 10nm CMOS platform technology for low power and high performance applications with the tightest contacted poly pitch (CPP) of 64nm and metallization pitch of 48nm ever reported in the FinFET technology on both bulk and SOI substrates. A 0.053um<sup>2</sup> SRAM bit-cell is reported with a corresponding Static Noise Margin (SNM)(More)
Enterprises use security equipments in order to protect their information assets from various attacks such as viruses and hacking. However, such individual equipments hardly provide enterprise level integrated security. Recently, there has been a great need in small/medium businesses to purchase such integrated security services in a cost effective way by(More)
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