Kwan-Woong Gwak

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Ventricular assist devices now clinically used for treatment of end-stage heart failure require responsive and reliable hemodynamic control to accommodate the continually changing demands of the body. This is an essential ingredient to maintaining a high quality of life. To satisfy this need, a control algorithm involving a trade-off between optimal(More)
Mock circulatory systems (MCS) are often used for the development of cardiovascular devices and for the study of the dynamics of blood flow through the cardiovascular system. However, conventional MCS suffer from the repeatability, flexibility, and precision problems because they are typically built up with passive and linear fluidic elements such as(More)
—For the development of cardiovascular devices and the study of the dynamics of blood flow through the cardiovas-cular system, hardware fluidic models are commonly used to minimize animal experiments and clinical trials. These systems, called " mock circulatory systems, " are also critical for the development of ventricular assist devices. The passive and(More)
Effects of Internet pornography and individual differences on men's attitudes toward women. vulnerability and increased risk-taking among adolescent chat room users: Results from a statewide school survey. (1995). Improving student motivation and school achievement: A professional development program for teachers, special educators, school administrators(More)
Acknowledgments At the outset I would like to thank my advisor, Dr. Eric P. Fahrenthold. I consider myself fortunate to work with him. He has been very encouraging throughout this work. Thank you. I would like to thank Dr. Raul Longoria, firstly for serving on my committee and secondly for providing me an opportunity to be a teaching assistant for ME 244L.(More)
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