Kwan Wee Tan

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A variable-focus liquid lens using a transparent flat cell is demonstrated. The top substrate has an aperture which is sealed with a thin elastic membrane on the outer surface and the bottom aperture is sealed on the inner surface of the bottom substrate. By applying a pressure to the outer membrane inward causes the liquid to redistribute and swell the(More)
Structure control in solution-processed hybrid perovskites is crucial to design and fabricate highly efficient solar cells. Here, we utilize in situ grazing incidence wide-angle X-ray scattering and scanning electron microscopy to investigate the structural evolution and film morphologies of methylammonium lead tri-iodide/chloride (CH3NH3PbI(3-x)Cl(x)) in(More)
Hierarchical porous polymer materials are of increasing importance because of their potential application in catalysis, separation technology, or bioengineering. Examples for their synthesis exist, but there is a need for a facile yet versatile conceptual approach to such hierarchical scaffolds and quantitative characterization of their nonperiodic pore(More)
Epitaxy is a widely used method to grow high-quality crystals. One of the key challenges in the field of inorganic solids is the development of epitaxial single-crystal nanostructures. We describe their formation from block copolymer self-assembly-directed nanoporous templates on single-crystal Si backfilled with Si or NiSi through a laser-induced transient(More)
Selective degradation of block copolymer templates and backfilling the open mesopores is an effective strategy for the synthesis of nanostructured hybrid and inorganic materials. Incorporation of more than one type of inorganic material in orthogonal ways enables the synthesis of multicomponent nanomaterials with complex yet well-controlled architectures;(More)
The successful operation of spin-based data storage devices depends on thermally stable magnetic bits. At the same time, the data-processing speeds required by today's technology necessitate ultrafast switching in storage devices. Achieving both thermal stability and fast switching requires controlling the effective damping in magnetic nanoparticles. By(More)
Superconductors with periodically ordered mesoporous structures are expected to have properties very different from those of their bulk counterparts. Systematic studies of such phenomena to date are sparse, however, because of a lack of versatile synthetic approaches to such materials. We demonstrate the formation of three-dimensionally continuous gyroidal(More)
abStract Developing countries, opting to pursue services-oriented economies, have invested in information and communication BLOCKINtechnologies BLOCKIN(ICT) BLOCKINto BLOCKINenhance BLOCKINtheir BLOCKINcompetitiveness BLOCKINin BLOCKINthe BLOCKINglobal BLOCKINenvironment. BLOCKIN BLOCKINThis BLOCKINhas called for improved management in both public and(More)
Development of rapid processes combining hierarchical self-assembly with mesoscopic shape control has remained a challenge. This is particularly true for high-surface-area porous materials essential for applications including separation and detection, catalysis, and energy conversion and storage. We introduce a simple and rapid laser writing method(More)
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