Kwan Pyo Hong

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Cyclic AMP (cAMP) and calcium are ubiquitous, interdependent second messengers that regulate a wide range of cellular processes. During development of neuronal networks they are critical for the first step of circuit formation, transducing signals required for axon pathfinding. Surprisingly, the spatial and temporal cAMP and calcium codes used by axon(More)
cAMP is a ubiquitous second messenger involved in a wide spectrum of cellular processes including gene transcription, cell proliferation, and axonal pathfinding. Precise spatiotemporal manipulation and monitoring in live cells are crucial for investigation of cAMP-dependent pathways, but existing tools have several limitations. We have improved the(More)
An image restoration algorithm for removing motion blur, which occurs in an image sequence or moving pictures, is proposed. More specifically, the proposed iterative restoration algorithm adaptively reduces nonuniform motion blur by using motion vector information from consecutive image fields. Motion vectors are estimated based on the well known block(More)
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