Kwami Justina Kenobi Morris

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A radioactive tracer technique is described which enables the total number of fibers present in the lungs of rats to be estimated following administration of the fibers by intratracheal instillation. The glass fiber used in the study was irradiated with thermal neutrons to induce radioactive 24Na. A suspension of the radioactive fiber was administered to(More)
Potential carcinogenicity of fibers is believed to be determined by three factors: the dose, dimensions and durability of the fibers concerned. Currently there is considerable debate on the appropriateness of using results from intraperitoneal (i.p.) injection studies to predict the potential carcinogenicity of airborne fibers following inhalation. For ip(More)
The durability of three experimental glass fibres (X7753, X7484, and X7779) was investigated in vivo. These fibres had in vitro dissolution rates of 600, 150, and 2 ng cm-2 hour-1, respectively. Three groups of female Fischer-344 rats were intratracheally instilled with a 1.2 mg suspension of one of each of the fibre types. All fibres had previously been(More)
One mechanism by which glucocorticoids could exert their anti-inflammatory action is via rapidly saturable, stereo-specific cytoplasmic protein receptors. This report is of an investigation into such a possibility in synovial cells. Synovium, obtained from knee joints of rheumatoid patients undergoing surgery, was incubated with clostridiopeptidase A and(More)
Thirty three female Fischer-344 rats were intra-peritoneally (IP) injected with 5 mg of an experimental glass fibre designated X7753. This fibre type had an in vitro dissolution rate of 600 ng cm-2h-1. Groups of three rats were killed at various times up to one year after injection. The diaphragm and any fibre nodules were removed from the carcass and(More)
Prednisolone, at concentrations between 2.78 x 10(-6) M (1 mug/ml) and 1.39 x 10(-8) M (5 x 10(-3) mug/ml) exerts an inhibitory effect on the phagocytosis of latex particles by normal human polymorphonuclear leucocytes in vitro as assessed by electron microscopical analysis. This inhibition appears to be receptor-mediated, as it is dependent upon RNA and(More)
Intra-peritoneal (IP) injection is being recommended as a means of assessing potential carcinogenicity of MMF following inhalation. Little is known of the behaviour of fibres in the peritoneal cavity or its relevance to the lung. This study considered both the biopersistence and the distribution of dose following IP injection of fibres. Biopersistence of(More)
BACKGROUND Caffeine and tobacco consumption are risk factors for heart failure, but their effects remain controversial. It has been hypothesized that they cause alterations in arterial stiffness and arterial wave travel which may increase ventricular loading. In this study the authors examined the influence of these widely used stimulants on wave intensity(More)
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