Kwame Sundaram

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This paper offers a critique of recent empirical studies on the impact of labour regulation on industrial performance in India. It begins with a review of earlier studies that tried to infer the effects on manufacturing employment of amendments to the Industrial Disputes Act (IDA) in 1976 and 1982 that required government permission for layoffs,(More)
Proponents of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP) emphasize its prospective economic benefits, with economic growth increasing due to rising trade volumes and investment. Widely cited projections suggest modest GDP gains after ten years, varying from less than half a percentage point in the United States to 13 percent in Vietnam. However, these(More)
T-cell clones and cell lines which apparently respond to autologous (syngeneic) erythrocytes have been generated from the spleens of normal mice. The response showed considerable cross-reactivity with red blood cells (RBC) from other species, including chicken, and was 'heteroclitic' in that reactivity against some species of RBC, notably rat and monkey,(More)
Throughout the world background literature reviews have shown a high prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) among dental practitioners. Prevalence of MSDs among dental practitioners in India is not well documented. Aim of this study is to determine the prevalence and distribution of MSDs among dental practitioners in Pune city in the state of(More)
INTRODUCTION The existence of Vomeronasal organ in human is a controversial subject. Presence of Vomeronasal organ and its structure was not reported in standard text books. The presence of Vomeronasal organ in fetal life is doubtful. Hence identification of the organ by histological examination was planned. MATERIALS AND METHODS A study was conducted on(More)
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