Kwame Amaning

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A coordinated study was carried out on the development, evaluation and application of biomonitoring procedures for populations exposed to environmental genotoxic pollutants. The procedures used involved both direct measurement of DNA or protein damage (adducts) and assessment of second biological effects (mutation and cytogenetic damage). Adduct detection(More)
We report the analysis of an in-house fragment screening campaign for the oncology target MEK1. The application of virtual screening (VS) as a primary fragment screening approach, followed by biophysical validation using differential screening fluorimetry (DSF), with resultant binding mode determination by X-ray crystallography (X-ray), is presented as the(More)
Fragment-based lead discovery has proved to be an effective alternative to high-throughput screenings in identifying chemical matter that can be developed into robust lead compounds. The search for optimal combinations of biophysical techniques that can correctly and efficiently identify and quantify binding can be challenging due to the physicochemical(More)
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