Kwak Mu Shin

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AMPA receptor-mediated neuronal death is initiated by exaggerated Ca2+ influx through AMPA receptor channels, and the Ca2+ permeability of the AMPA receptor ion channel depends strongly upon the presence or absence in its composition of an edited GluR2 subunit whose glutamine (Q) residue is substituted by arginine (R) at the Q/R site due to RNA editing. The(More)
This paper introduces a current measurement issue of a boost converter based on digital control. Due to delays in low-pass filter and current sensor, current measuring circuitry has phase delay, which depends on PWM frequency. This phase delay causes current sampling errors, which degrade the control performance. This paper investigates analytically the(More)
A single systemic injection of acromelic acid, a novel kainate analogue, caused long-lasting spastic paraparesis in the rat. Two rats that developed paraparesis were neuropathologically examined one week and three months after the injection, respectively. Numerous degenerated neurons with marked reactive gliosis were scattered in the gray matter of the(More)
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