Kwai Sun Leung

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We consider the pricing of variable annuities with the Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Benefit (GMWB) under the Vasicek stochastic interest rates framework. The holder of the variable annuity contract pays an initial purchase payment to the insurance company, which is then invested in a portfolio of risky assets. Under the GMWB, the holder can withdraw a(More)
We consider the finite time horizon dividend-ruin model where the firm pays out dividends to its shareholders according to a dividend-barrier strategy and becomes ruined when the firm asset value falls below the default threshold. The asset value process is modeled as a restricted Geometric Brownian process with an upper reflecting (dividend) barrier and a(More)
We analyze the counterparty risk for credit default swaps using the Markov chain model of portfolio credit risk of multiple obligors with interacting default intensity processes. The default correlation between the protection seller and underlying entity is modeled by an increment in default intensity upon the occurrence of an external shock event. The(More)
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