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—An RF-path 60-GHz band 4-element array using proposed phase-oversampling vector modulation is implemented in 65-nm CMOS. Digitally controlled semi-lookup table method is proposed to compensate for non-idealities in circuits, antenna array, and interfaces. Accurate and high resolution control on the gain and phase is demonstrated. The receiver features an(More)
This article describes the design of a unilateral rotational path removable partial denture to restore a single edentulous space with a tilted mandibular molar. It is modified from an original bilateral rotational path design and consists of several components, which are (1) the rotation axis, (2) the long occlusal rest, (3) the short bracing arms, (4) the(More)
A kind of 2×2 water dielectric patch antenna array for Wi-Fi communication application is presented. The special feature of the antenna is using pure water to replace the top metallic patch of the traditional microstrip antenna. The water antenna is aperture coupled fed so that it is easy to integrate a feed network for the antenna array. Simulation is(More)