Kwa-Sur Tam

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This dissertation is a systematic study of electric power distribution system reliability evaluation and improvement. Reliability evaluation of electric power systems has traditionally been an integral part of planning and operation. Changes in the electric utility coupled with aging electric apparatus create a need for more realistic techniques for power(More)
Keywords: power factor correction, boost converter, leading phase admittance cancellation, input filter capacitor, active-front-end converter, multilevel converter, reactive power control Abstract The dissertation presents a generalized average-current-mode control technique (GACMC), which is an extension of the average-current-mode control (ACMC) for(More)
An artificial intelligence-based design automation methodology for computer-generated design of electric circuit is proposed. Given the requirements of the circuit to be designed, a program using this approach can generate a set of candidate circuits, evaluate them according to the specified requirements, and recommend the most suitable circuit(s). A PROLOG(More)
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