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OBJECTIVE A parallel design clinical study evaluated reduction in hypersensitivity after brushing for 12 weeks with Anchor toothpaste (containing potassium citrate, zinc citrate, triclosan and sodium monofluorophosphate) (test) and Colgate Total (sodium fluoride, silica, triclosan and copolymer) (control) dentifrices. MATERIALS AND METHODS Sixty adults(More)
BACKGROUND Retrospective studies on oral cancer patient profiles related to risk habits could provide etiologic clues for prevention in specific geographic areas. OBJECTIVE To study risk habit characteristics of oral cancer patients. METHODS A cross sectional retrospective case record study of oral cancer patients who reported during 1991-2000 to(More)
In subclassifying 62 cases of DSM-III dissociative disorders in India, the authors found that 56 (90.3%) fell into the atypical subcategory. These cases could be easily separated into two additional subcategories, simple dissociative disorder and possession disorder, by using specified diagnostic criteria.
Automatic speechreading systems use both acoustic and visual signals to perform speech recognition. In previous work, we have shown how visual speech can improve recognition accuracy of automatic speech recognition 10] and have described an algorithm based on deformable templates that accurately infers lip dynamics 1]. In this paper we present a complete(More)
The incidence of oral cancer in India is on the rise due to increasing consumption of alcohol and tobacco products. The study was conducted with the aim to assess the associated knowledge in adults attending a dental college. Specific objectives were to: 1) assess the knowledge of risk factors for oral cancer 2) assess the knowledge of signs of oral cancer;(More)
OBJECTIVE This investigation assessed regional differences in dental plaque and gingivitis within the human dentition in conjunction with microbiological analyses of dental plaque. METHODS Forty-one adults (23 males and 18 females; age range 19-44 years) were enrolled, and a calibrated dental examiner completed whole mouth examinations for dental plaque(More)
BACKGROUND Research activities are increasing in all the fields of medicine including dentistry but there is dearth of information about the knowledge, attitude and behaviour of dental professionals for ethical principles in research, especially in the developing countries like India. OBJECTIVE To assess knowledge, attitude and behaviour among dental(More)
PURPOSE To assess the tooth mortality and prosthetic treatment needs among the urban and rural adult population of Dharwad district. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 1223 subjects (685 urban and 538 rural) were selected using multi-stage cluster random sampling. A form was prepared and data were collected on sociodemographic factors, tooth mortality and(More)
In India, tobacco use is incredibly linked to poverty and accounts for the high public health costs of treating tobacco-related diseases. Dental public health programs aid in detecting the tobacco-related periodontal diseases, oral cancers, etc., where the majority belongs to the submerged portion of iceberg, which otherwise leads to substantial morbidity(More)
In a randomized controlled trial, a daily Oral Vitamin D supplementation was given in dose of 2000 IU for Group A, 1000 IU for Group B , 500 IU for Group C and placebo for Group D over 3 months period to assess the anti-inflammatory effect of vitamin D on gingivitis at various doses. The changes in gingival scores were measured at the period of 1 st , 2 nd(More)