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Ultrafast optical generation of carriers in a dc electric field: Transient localization and photocurrent.
Recent experimental observations of terahertz radiation produced by the ultrafast optical excitation of surface depletion layers of GaAs and InP have generated a lot of interest but its physicalExpand
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Percutaneous laser denervation of the zygapophyseal joints in the pain facet syndrome
Percutaneous laser denervation of archoappendicular joints in spinal pain was made in 15 patients from a study group. Percutaneous high-frequency denervation of archoappendicular joints was performedExpand
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[The oxenoid model of the mechanism of activating molecular oxygen by cytochrome p450: the role of substrate structure].
: The arene oxides formation energy for about 30 benzene derivatives were calculated in frames of MO LCAO method. The benzene derivatives are typical substrates of cytochrome P-450 catalyzed aromaticExpand
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[The prevention of HIV infection and other blood-contact diseases among intravenous narcotic users in Nizhniy Novgorod within the framework of the Harm Reduction program].
: The results of the development and realization principles of the project on the decrease of harm, envisaging work in three directions (the determination of the technology of using drugs, theExpand
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Mott cells in the lymph
: For the first time Mott cells have been found in the lymph. The lymph was obtained with the help of glass micropipettes from cisterna chyli of rabbits. The Mott cells in Romanovsky-Giemsa-stainedExpand
[Fibrous tunic biomechanics and biometric indicies. Report 1. The impact of axial length, thickness and corneal curvature].
The degree of impact of several fibrous tunic biomechanical parameters on biomechanical indices was studied using multifactor correlation analysis. In patients with "normal" cornea corneal thicknessExpand
[Deflected mode of cortical bone tissue in 3-dimentional math mandible model of in state of intraosseous implant loading in lateral part of dentition].
Math modeling of mandible was executed in the presence of intraosseous implant in lateral part of dentition. Deflected mode of cortical bone tissue around implant, in alveolus and other mandibleExpand