Kuthi Thammaiah Prasanna

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A study of genetic diversity in Pongamia pinnata representing 33 candidate plus trees (CPT) was undertaken in five agro-ecological zones of Southern Peninsular India. Eleven primer combinations generated 532 bands with an average of 48 bands per primer combination. E-ACG/M-GCC showed the highest polymorphism of 98.80 %. E-ACG/M-GCC, E-CAA/M-CTG, and(More)
Provenance variation and genetic variability in pod and seed traits were carried out with 232 candidate plus trees of Pongamia pinnata collected from selected agro-ecological zones of southern peninsular India during February–March 2008 to 2010. Significant variation (P < 0.01) for pod and seed traits across zones and provenances within zones was recorded.(More)
Oxygen and carbon isotope ratios in planktonic foraminifera Globigerina bulloides collected from tow samples along a transect from the equatorial Indian ocean to the Southern Ocean (45°E and 80°E and 10°N to 53°S) were analysed and compared with the equilibrium δ(18)O and δ(13)C values of calcite calculated using the temperature and isotopic composition of(More)
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