Kusuma Kumari

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POS Tagging is the process of assigning a correct POS tag (can be a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, or other lexical category marker) to each word of the sentence. POS taggers are developed by modeling the morpho-syntactic structure of natural language text. We attempted to improve the accuracy of existing Telugu POS taggers by using an voting algorithm. The(More)
Research caricature is an analysis method used to scan the contextual literature information and describe the research environment and research efforts wisely. Here we carry out a project which needs to extract intelligence from web resources especially for scientific research analysis. Research caricature based on semantic web mining, our system includes(More)
Background: The aim is to study the significance of serum calcium, serum phosphorus and serum alkaline phosphatase in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis. Method: A total of hundred (100) cases of postmenopausal women with osteoporosis were included in the study. Fifty (50) healthy controls were also included in the study for comparison. Results: Serum(More)
The industry of software should be efficient. Due to rapid change in technology, implementation of complex software systems at cheaper cost and the urge to maintain better quality software are some of the major challenges for the software companies. One of the toughest works is cost estimation, in the field of software engineering. It is the estimation of(More)
Direction of arrival (DOA) estimation is one of the focal problems in the fields of Wireless communications, Radar, Sonar, Radio Astronomy and Seismology. The main objective of the DOA estimation is to obtain the desired signals direction as well as the interference signals direction based on the data received from the array sensor at the base station. In(More)
Human exposure to intermediate frequency (IF) fields is increasing due to new applications such as electronic article surveillance systems, wireless power transfer and induction heating cookers. However, limited data is available on effects of IF magnetic fields (MF) on male fertility function. This study was conducted to assess possible effects on(More)
Cloud computing is a term that they come across often these days. Many Companies are often trying to increase the functionality of Information Technology while minimizing capital expenditures. This paper presents the survey on primary impediments to cloud computing while adopting, based on the cloud services, which are requested by the cloud customer.(More)