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POS Tagging is the process of assigning a correct POS tag (can be a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, or other lexical category marker) to each word of the sentence. POS taggers are developed by modeling the morpho-syntactic structure of natural language text. We attempted to improve the accuracy of existing Telugu POS taggers by using an voting algorithm. The(More)
The internet is marvelous technology of the computing world. The most exhaustive technology that internet dispense, is the Cloud Computing. It provides instrumental values to the customers and cloud service providers. With the advent of cloud computing the client uses the resources like hardware, software or storage, that are offered by other organization,(More)
Driving with drowsiness is one of the main causes of traffic accidents. Driver fatigue is a significant factor in a large number of vehicle accidents. The development of technologies for detecting or preventing drowsiness at the wheel is a major challenge in the field of accident avoidance systems. Due to the hazard that drowsiness presents on the road,(More)
In recent years, driver drowsiness has been one of the major causes of road accidents and can lead to severe physical injuries, deaths and significant economic losses. Since car accidents may be caused by the driver's tiredness, there are some assistance systems designed for bringing the attention of a driver. In this paper, we review different measures and(More)
— Research caricature is an analysis method used to scan the contextual literature information and describe the research environment and research efforts wisely. Here we carry out a project which needs to extract intelligence from web resources especially for scientific research analysis. Research caricature based on semantic web mining, our system includes(More)
The cell is often referred to as a molecular factory. Even simple prokaryotic cell are incredibly complex systems containing molecular machinery. Biological molecules and systems have a number of attributes that make them highly suitable for molecular nanotechnology applications. The construction of nanoscale devices has the potential to radically change(More)
In wireless/Mobile networks various kinds of encoding schemes were used for transmission of data over a bandwidth. The desired quality and generated traffic varies with the requirement with this bandwidth. From the designing point of view these requirements demands for an alternative resource planning, especially for bandwidth is a scare resource, the(More)
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