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In continuation of [13] we provide characterizations of an intervalvalued (∈,∈ ∨q)-fuzzy subgroup. We show that a proper interval-valued (∈,∈)fuzzy subgroup μ̂F of group G such that # {Im(μ̂F )} ≥ 3 can be expressed as the union of two proper non-equivalent interval-valued (∈,∈)fuzzy subgroup of group G. Finally, we also prove that if μ̂F is a proper(More)
In this paper, we consider the fuzzification of bi-Γ-ideals in Γsemigroups, and investigate some of their related properties. Maximal fuzzy bi-Γ-ideals of Γ-semigroups are introduced and their properties discussed. Finally, chain conditions relating to fuzzy bi-Γ-ideals of Γsemigroups are investigated.
Purpose: To develop an optimised press-coated tablets of losartan potassium using an admixture of a hydrophilic polymer, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC) and microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) in order to achieve a predetermined lag time for chronotherapy. Methods: The press-coated tablets (PCT) containing losartan potassium in the inner core were prepared(More)
Kaṣāya or decoction is an Ayurvedic dosage form, prescribed based on the stage of the disease according to the principles of Ayurveda. This dosage form is traditionally prepared fresh and consumed on the same day but for the sake of convenience; the process of preparation has been modified so that it can be stored with longer shelf life, easy availability(More)
In the present investigation the protective effects of ascorbic acid in adriamycin induced cytotoxicity was evaluated in in vivo animal using analysis of chromosomal aberrations in somatic cells of mice. Three doses of ascorbic acid were selected for modulation and given to animals after priming with adriamycin. The animals were sacrificed after 24hr., 48(More)
An antineoplastic drug, adriamycin was tested for its mutagenic potential in invivo mouse system using analysis of chromosomal aberrations in germ cells of mice. A significant increase in the frequency of chromosomal aberrations in germ cells of mice was observed at all dose levels. The present results suggest that adriamycin is capable of inducing(More)
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