Kusprasapta Mutijarsa

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In this paper, we propose software architecture of behavioural-based robot control system using Active Object Computing Model. Active Object Computing Model is a programming technique that combines the three components, Event Driven Programming paradigm, Event Driven Software Architecture and UML State chart formalism. The scope of this project includes the(More)
In Indonesia, the condition of education still tends to be unbalanced. The quality of education in urban areas is generally far better than the quality of education in rural areas. Education processes in rural areas face some problems like limited teaching resources, slight teaching tools, and monotonous teaching method. Therefore, an idea is emerged, a(More)
Many homes are still not considered environmentally friendly. In addition, home safety and comfort is still an issue today. Because of that, energy efficient, safe and comfortable home that can act intelligently in order to solve the problems and meet the needs of its users need to be created. That is to create a single unified management system in a home.(More)
Humanoid robot must has an ability to move with dynamic motion. Robot is required to walk even get any interference of other robots or other disturbance, and keep its balance. In general, robot motion system is built by 2 kinematics systems, inverse kinematics and forward kinematics. Inverse kinematics is more often used for robot motion because it is more(More)
Angkutan Kota (angkot) is one of public transport that often used by citizen in Bandung. But, there's still a lot of citizen that use private vehicle instead of using public transportation like angkot. This is due to the services provided by public transport hasn't been satisfactory. Therefore, to improve the service of angkot, angkot's payment system(More)
Wall following is a behavior which navigates a robot through an area, by sticking to the nearest wall without turning into it This behavior is very useful for a mobile robot with no odometer but has to cover an area. This paper proposes the design and implementation of Active Object Computing Model for a wall following mobile robot. Active Object Computing(More)
This paper proposed a simple but effective gait algorithm for hexapod robot to navigate in an uneven and rough terrain. The robot has six legs with three joints in each leg and actuated with 18 servo motors. The tactile sensor, which is simply a normally open push button, is placed in each end of leg to sense if the leg touch the ground. The main purpose of(More)
Localization is the most fundamental ability for winning the RoboCup Humanoid League Competition. In this paper, we present a vision-based localization method called Monte Carlo Localization (MCL) to deal with the limited landmarks left in RoboCup, such as the yellow goal posts and field markers. In the beginning, we give brief explanation of perception(More)
In this paper, we propose a technique for managing single robot failure in multi robot formation, namely overtaking behavior. This behavior is inspired by social force model (SFM) for pedestrian dynamics. The controller for robot formation is modeled and coupled with the overtaking algorithm. Simulations are then conducted to test the controller as well as(More)