Kushan Medagoda

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OBJECTIVES Septic arthritis of native hip joints is an uncommon condition in adults in Western Europe, but continues to present a challenge to medical and surgical management. We set out to study the natural history and bacteriology of the disease in this group, with a particular focus on patients requiring excision arthroplasty (EA). METHODS We(More)
AIMS To describe the burden of diabetes mellitus and impaired fasting glucose in middle-aged residents (35-64 years) in an urban area of Sri Lanka. METHODS A cross-sectional survey was conducted in the Ragama Medical Officer of Health area, from which 2986 participants (1349 men and 1637 women) were randomly selected from the electoral registry between(More)
Deliberate self-harm by ingestion of organophosphate insecticides is a common health problem in Sri Lanka. The poisoning results in an initial life-threatening cholinergic crisis and several intermediate and late neurological and psychiatric manifestations. A patient who developed self-limiting cerebellar signs 8 days after ingestion of dimethoate, an(More)
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