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PURPOSE To report 22 patients who underwent repair of compound Achilles tendon ruptures with peroneus brevis tendon augmentation. METHODS Records of 6 women and 19 men aged 21 to 42 (mean, 28) years who underwent repair of compound Achilles tendon ruptures with peroneus brevis tendon augmentation were reviewed. All the wounds were transverse/oblique,(More)
BACKGROUND CONTEXT Myopericytoma is a recently proposed term to describe a group of tumors originating from perivascular myoid cells. The tumor is most commonly located in the subcutaneous tissues and dermis of the extremities. Myopericytoma involving the skeletal system is a very rare entity, with only two such cases previously reported in literature. (More)
Doctor patient communication is the most important and an integral part of any treatment regimen. Properly carried out it has been shown to have a therapeutic effect equivalent to drugs. Despite being so important part of treatment it is more than often taken and carried out casually. Apart from apathy towards this practice, its omission in the medical(More)
Simultaneous bilateral avulsion fracture of the tibial tuberosity is a rare injury. Since the first reported case in the 1950s only 21 such cases have been reported in literature. When they do occur, it is usually in an adolescent athletic male, generally in the absence of any underlying pathology although rarely it may be associated with an underlying(More)
Brown-Sequard syndrome secondary to compression of the spinal cord by an epidural haematoma following minor trauma is rare. A 65-year-old woman presented with neck pain and sudden onset hemiplegia with contralateral anaesthesia. Magnetic resonance imaging showed a haematoma in the epidural space in the C3 to C5 levels. She underwent open-door laminoplasty(More)
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