Kushal Kr. Banerjee

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Efficient coupling of cellular energy production to metabolic demand is crucial to maintain organismal homeostasis. Here, we report that the mitochondrial Sirtuin Sirt4 regulates mitochondrial ATP homeostasis. We find that Sirt4 affects mitochondrial uncoupling via the adenine nucleotide translocator 2 (ANT2). Loss of Sirt4 expression leads to decreased(More)
Sir2 is an evolutionarily conserved NAD+ dependent protein. Although, SIRT1 has been implicated to be a key regulator of fat and glucose metabolism in mammals, the role of Sir2 in regulating organismal physiology, in invertebrates, is unclear. Drosophila has been used to study evolutionarily conserved nutrient sensing mechanisms, however, the molecular and(More)
Human placental extract, an agent clinically used world-wide in a number of physiological anomalies, has been claimed to be effective in children of slow learners. Since the monoaminergic neurotransmitter systems in the brain play an important role in the processes of learning and memory, we examined the effects of human placental extract on the levels of(More)
Aging is a complex trait and is influenced by multiple factors that are both intrinsic and extrinsic to the organism (Kirkwood et al. 2000; Knight 2000). Efforts to understanding the mechanisms that extend or shorten lifespan have been made since the early twentieth century. Aging is characteristically associated with a progressive decline in the overall(More)
Early-life adversity is associated with an enhanced risk for adult psychopathology. Psychiatric disorders such as depression exhibit comorbidity for metabolic dysfunction, including obesity and diabetes. However, it is poorly understood whether, besides altering anxiety and depression-like behaviour, early stress also evokes dysregulation of metabolic(More)
BACKGROUND Allergic rhinitis is a global health problem that is often treated with homeopathy. The objective of this review will be to evaluate the effectiveness of homeopathic treatment of allergic rhinitis. METHODS/DESIGN The authors will conduct a systematic review. We will search Medline, CENTRAL, CINAHL, EMBASE, AMED, CAM-Quest, Google Scholar and(More)
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