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Mining the peanut gallery: opinion extraction and semantic classification of product reviews
This work develops a method for automatically distinguishing between positive and negative reviews and draws on information retrieval techniques for feature extraction and scoring, and the results for various metrics and heuristics vary depending on the testing situation.
Studying cooperation and conflict between authors with history flow visualizations
This paper investigates the dynamics of Wikipedia, a prominent, thriving wiki, and focuses on the relevance of authorship, the value of community surveillance in ameliorating antisocial behavior, and how authors with competing perspectives negotiate their differences.
Flash forums and forumReader: navigating a new kind of large-scale online discussion
The ForumReader interface is well-liked by users, and the results suggest it can lead to new navigation patterns within flash forums, and it is found that, while both visualization and text analytics are helpful individually, combining them may be counterproductive.
DeepXML: A Deep Extreme Multi-Label Learning Framework Applied to Short Text Documents
The DeepXML framework develops the Astec algorithm that could be 2-12% more accurate and 5-30x faster to train than leading deep extreme classifiers on publically available short text datasets and could be deployed on the Bing search engine for a number of short text applications.
GalaXC: Graph Neural Networks with Labelwise Attention for Extreme Classification
The GalaXC algorithm for Extreme Classification is developed, where the task is to annotate a document with the most relevant subset of labels from an extremely large label set, and was found to be up to 25% more accurate than extreme classification algorithms specifically designed for warm start settings.
ReMail: a reinvented email prototype
This demonstration will show a prototype email client developed as part of a larger project on "reinventing email," which incorporates novel visualizations of the documents within mail databases to aid understanding and navigation and several unique features for helping users manage their attention.
Towards Summarization of Written Text Conversations
The immense growth of social media and web technologies have enabled users to create, share and exchange information in virtual communities and networks. The ease of usability has attracted
Extracting Semantics from Microposts
In recent years, the microblogging services like Twitter has become a major tool for sharing events, expressing opinions and communicating with friends. Several thousand of microblogs are posted each