Kush Gulati

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A 12-bit 200MS/s zero-crossing based pipeline ADC is presented. A coarse phase followed by a level-shifted fine phase is employed for higher accuracy. To enable high frequency operation, sub-ADC flash comparators are strobed immediately after the coarse phase. The ADC occupies 0.276mm 2 in 55nm CMOS and dissipates 28.5mW. 62.5dB SNDR and 78.6dBc SFDR with a(More)
—A 12 bit 200 MS/s analog-to-digital converter (ADC) applies techniques of zero-crossing-based circuits as a replacement for high-gain high-speed op-amps. High accuracy in the residue amplifier is achieved by using a coarse phase in ZCBC followed by a level-shifting capacitor for fine phase. Sub-ADC flash com-parators are strobed immediately after the(More)
The time-to-collision task is that of estimating the ratio of the distance of an object to the relative velocity in the direction of that object, based on time-varying images resulting from the 3-D motion of a camera with respect to the object. Traditional methods require large amounts of memory and computation time, and are not suited for real time(More)
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