Kurumi Yamamoto

Yoshiro Ishimaru2
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2Yoshiro Ishimaru
2Ichiro Matsumoto
2Makoto Ohmoto
1Masataka Narukawa
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Polycystic kidney disease 1-like 3 (Pkd1l3) is expressed specifically in sour-sensing type III taste cells that have synaptic contacts with afferent nerve fibers in circumvallate (CvP) and foliate papillae (FoP) located in the posterior region of the tongue, although not in fungiform papillae (FuP) or the palate. To visualize the gustatory neural pathways(More)
Taste cells release neurotransmitters to gustatory neurons to transmit chemical information they received. Sweet, umami, and bitter taste cells use ATP as a neurotransmitter. However, ATP release from sour taste cells has not been observed so far. Instead, they release serotonin when they are activated by sour/acid stimuli. Thus it is still controversial(More)
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