Kurtis J. Nelson

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Vegetation structure, including forest canopy height, is an important input variable to fire behavior modeling systems for simulating wildfire behavior. As such, forest canopy height is one of a nationwide suite of products generated by the LANDFIRE program. In the past, LANDFIRE has relied on a combination of field observations and Landsat imagery to(More)
Regression tree models have been widely used for remote sensing-based ecosystem mapping. Improper use of the sample data (model training and testing data) may cause overfitting and underfitting effects in the model. The goal of this study is to develop an optimal sampling data usage strategy for any dataset and identify an appropriate number of rules in the(More)
Compressed sensing (CS) is a newly emerging technology, which states that a signal can be sampled at a rate much smaller than what is commonly prescribed by Shannon-Nyquist. CS combines sampling and compression in to a single non-adaptive linear measurement process. In this paper, we are investigating the application of compressed sensing to the problem of(More)
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