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Eukaryotic origins of DNA replication are bound by the origin recognition complex (ORC), which scaffolds assembly of a pre-replicative complex (pre-RC) that is then activated to initiate replication. Both pre-RC assembly and activation are strongly influenced by developmental changes to the epigenome, but molecular mechanisms remain incompletely defined. We(More)
Random Forests have been used as effective ensemble models for classification. We present in this paper a new type of Random Forests (RFs) called Red(uced) RF that adopts a new dynamic data reduction principle and a new voting mechanism called Priority Vote Weighting (PV) which improve accuracy, execution time and AUC values compared to Breiman's RF. Red-RF(More)
The computer-system for the on-line-analysis of hemodynamic data developed in Aachen enables the clinical user to perform the immediate on-line analysis of ECG, pressure-curves and thermo- or dye-dilution-curves in a dialog mode. The procedure of pressure analysis as well as the calculations by the computer for the individual haemodynamic parameters are(More)
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