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Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common, highly heritable complex disorder of unknown aetiology characterized by hyperandrogenism, chronic anovulation and defects in glucose homeostasis. Increased luteinizing hormone relative to follicle-stimulating hormone secretion, insulin resistance and developmental exposure to androgens are hypothesized to play a(More)
The objective of this case-control study of 242 reproductive-age women was to determine the concentration of afamin in the serum and peritoneal fluid of women with and without endometriosis and to test afamin as a diagnostic marker of endometriosis. Afamin levels were altered significantly in the peritoneal fluid of women with endometriosis compared with(More)
Objective. To investigate the association between assisted conceptions and preeclampsia (PEC), including assessment of severity of disease. Methods. In a prospective case control study, cases were selected from women with preeclampsia and controls from women without preeclampsia. Exposure was defined as assisted conception with intrauterine insemination or(More)
Background Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines containing types 16 and 18 are remarkably effective in preventing cervical cancer associated with these HPV types. No information currently exists in Botswana concerning the HPV types causing precancerous or cancerous lesions. Methods The goal of this pilot project was to determine the HPV types causing(More)
BACKGROUND To compare luteal phase bleeding and pregnancy outcomes in normogonadotropic patients receiving progesterone vaginal gel (PVG) or intramuscular progesterone (IMP) injections. METHODS In this retrospective cohort study, data from 270 patients (292 cycles) undergoing day-3 fresh embryo transfer were analyzed. PVG, 90 mg daily (170 cycles) or IMP,(More)
BACKGROUND In most recent large efficacy trials of barrier contraceptive methods, a high proportion of participants withdrew before the intended end of follow-up. The objective of this analysis was to explore characteristics of participants who failed to complete seven months of planned participation in a trial of spermicide efficacy. METHODS Trial(More)
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