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The problem of computing a closed form for sums of special functions arises in many parts of mathematics and computer science, especially in combinatorics and complexity analysis. Here we discuss two algorithms for indeenite summation of rational functions, due to Abramov and Paule. We describe some improvements and a parallel implementation on a(More)
The idea using polynomial factorization for speeding up the computation of Buch-berger's Grr obner bases algorithm for the purpose of polynomial equation solving leads to major improvements in the computation time. In this paper we show how one may introduce factoriza-tion within a parallel Grr obner basis algorithm, without unnecessary doubling parts of(More)
This paper presents a new system for parallel symbolic computation called kMAPLEk (speak: parallel Maple), in which logic programming provides paralle-lism and imperative programming provides eeciency. The system is built as a combination between the parallel declarative programming language Strand and the sequential computer algebra system Maple. We(More)
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