Kurt Schwehr

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The Autonomy and Robotics Area (ARA) at NASA Ames Research Center has investigated the use of various types of Virtual Reality-based operator interfaces to remotely control complex robotic mechanisms. In this paper, we describe the major accomplishments and technology applications of the ARA in this area, and highlight the advantages and issues related to(More)
Autonomous planetary rovers operating in vast unknown environments must operate efficiently because of size, power and computing limitations. Recently, we have developed a rover capable of efficient obstacle avoidance and path planning. The rover uses binocular stereo vision to sense potentially cluttered outdoor environments. Navigation is performed by a(More)
Date ii DEDICATION To my wife Gretchen iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to foremost express my gratitude to my advisor, Colin Ware, for his guidance and support throughout my research. His invaluable insight focused me on what was important, and his imagination on what was possible. Many of the major ideas embodied in this work originated from discussions(More)
GeoCoastPilot is a research software application built to explore techniques for simplifying access to the navigation information a mariner needs prior to entering or leaving a port. GeoCoastPilot is intended to demonstrate what is possible with current technology and to facilitate technology transfer. We started with the question, " What might a digital(More)
One of the challenges of visualization software design is providing real-time tools capable of concurrently displaying data that varies temporally and in scale from kilometers to micrometers, such as the data prevalent in planetary exploration and deep-sea marine research. The Viz software developed by NASA Ames and the additions of the X-Core extensions(More)
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