Kurt Schneider

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Many software development projects struggle with creating and communicating a testing culture that is appropriate for the project's needs. This may degrade software quality by leaving defects undiscovered. Previous research suggests that social coding sites such as GitHub provide a collaborative environment with a high degree of social transparency.(More)
Adapting new software processes and practices in organizational and academic environments requires training the developers and validating the applicability of the newly introduced activities. Investigating process conformance during training and understanding if programmers are able and willing to follow the specific steps are crucial to evaluating whether(More)
Building secure systems is difficult for many reasons. This paper deals with two of the main challenges: (i) the lack of security expertise in development teams and (ii) the inadequacy of existing methodologies to support developers who are not security experts. The security standard ISO 14508 Common Criteria (CC) together with secure design techniques such(More)
Application frameworks for visual design environments usually offer a wide range of features and easyto-use mechanisms to develop applications. We observed that sometimes those features deceive application designers: Tempted by the desire to make rapid progress, designers go into too much detail about easy things too early in the process, like graphical(More)
This paper presents procedural guidance for performing activities of creative problem-solving within systems engineering. We have applied this method in four case studies in different domains, slightly varying the techniques applied. This paper describes the experience gained and gives recommendations. Furthermore, the procedure integrates itself seamlessly(More)
A software engineering department in a Daimler-Chrysler business unit was highly professional at developing embedded software for busses and coaches.However, customer specific add-ons were a regularsource of hassle. Simple as they are, those individualrequirements have to be implemented in hours or daysrather than weeks or months. Poor quality or late(More)