Kurt Sandkuhl

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Nowadays, many ontologies are used in industry, public adminstration and academia. Although these ontologies are developed for various purposes and domains, they often contain overlapping information. To build a collaborative semantic web, which allows data to be shared and reused across applications, enterprises, and community boundaries, it is necessary(More)
The paper focuses on the use of the fractal paradigm in enterprise modeling. It investigates whether the properties of fractal organizations can be applied in business analysis and whether this results in useful outcomes and new insights. Based on an adaptation and operationalization of properties of fractal organizations, two real-world cases are analyzed(More)
Ultraviolet (UV) light abrogates contact hypersensitivity (CHS) responses and induces hapten-specific tolerance. Because Th-1 cells are critically involved in CHS and are induced to develop by the cytokine interleukin (IL)-12, we asked whether IL-12 might overcome UV-induced local immunosuppression. C3H/HeN mice exposed to low doses of UV light over 4 d and(More)
Ontologies are widely used as technique for representation and reuse of knowledge. In an enterprise context, they reflect the relevant knowledge based on enterprise-specific concepts and their relations. We consider these enterprise ontologies as building blocks for demand-oriented information supply in networked organisations, like small and medium-sized(More)