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A unitarized nonrelativistic meson model which is successful for the description of the heavy and light vector and pseudoscalar mesons yields, in its extension to the scalar mesons but for the same model parameters, a complete nonet below 1 GeV. In the unitarization scheme, real and virtual meson-meson decay channels are coupled to the quark-antiquark(More)
The prototype Pacific Ocean network for the Acoustic Thermometry of Ocean Climate (ATOC) program consists of two shore-cabled acoustic sources, two autonomous vertical hydro-phone receiving arrays, and 16 U.S. Navy hydro-phone arrays. The sources, receivers, and signaling strategy are designed to be capable of up to IO-megameter transmissions on a routine(More)
(2003). Field experiments show that acoustic pingers reduce marine mammal by-catch in the California drift gill net fishery. Mar. (1997). Exposure to sublethal blast overpressure reduces the food intake and exercise performance of rats.
This article explores immigrants' socioeconomic success consequential to their choice of neighborhood. We describe and analyze seven aspects of socioeconomic success during the 1980s for 14 immigrant groups in five metropolitan areas. Exposure indices measuring aspects of the census tracts in which these groups lived in 1980 are calculated and analyzed.(More)
An eficient timing synchronization technique for a low complexdp FFT based multi-carrier direct sequence spread spectrum IF/baseband transceiver is presented. The timing synchronization control loop consists of a robust acquisition loop and a tracking loop that eliminates the timing phase ofiset caused by the transmission delay, sampiing error, and channel(More)
1 " A striking new level of racial and ethnic mixing occurred in the nation's major metropolitan areas during the 1990s. " ■ The number of predominantly white neighborhoods fell by 30 percent during the 1990s. Neighborhoods with a mixed white and Hispanic or Asian population replaced predominantly white communities as the most common neighborhood type by(More)
To my parents, my wife Joanna and our baby Justin. ii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my advisor Professor Wayne E. Stark for giving me the opportunity to join his research group. Without his guidance and support over the years, it would not have been possible for me to finish my doctoral work and to pursue my dream of(More)