Kurt Meissner

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Between September 1, 1982 and January 31, 1986, a study was undertaken in a total of 111 patients to assess the efficacy of ultrasonography in diagnosing intestinal obstruction and ileus. In 109 cases (98%), ultrasonography provided the correct diagnosis. In one case, obstruction was correctly suspected. In another case, the diagnosis was false negative. In(More)
BACKGROUND Established indications (obstructing extensive fibrous adhesions) and contraindications (solitary band- and short segment midgut adhesive obstruction, purulence) of intestinal tube splinting have emerged from clinical practice. The benefit of tube splinting for early postoperative small bowel obstruction (SBO), however, is still a matter of(More)
Based on a routine ultrasonic screening program of patients suffering from acute abdominal disorders, the efficacy of ultrasonic diagnosis of intestinal obstruction was assessed prospectively in a series of 48 patients. In the entire series proven to suffer from ileus, all were correctly diagnosed prior to further procedures. In cases with marked gaseous(More)
A 41-year-old woman who had taken oral contraceptives for 14 years was admitted to the hospital with pain in the left shoulder region and epigastrium arising after regurgitation. Sonography and CT revealed a ruptured liver tumor with sealed-off liver hemorrhage. The resected specimen revealed a ruptured and partially necrotic liver cell adenoma. This(More)
From 3/1985 until 10/1993, a total of 10 patients were operated using the Mason approach. Four patients undergoing resection of flat villous adenomas situated on the anterior wall of the lower and mid third of the rectum, and one patient with adenoma situated on the posterior wall of the upper third, all of them with reconstruction using intact rectal wall(More)
This paper presents clinical data elucidating the natural history of gall stone disease, based on observations carried out on a secluded alpine population treated conservatively for generations. Special circumstances corroborating a statistical evaluation are outlined. Pertinent parameters supporting this study are anatomical findings at operation following(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS The majority of late radiogenic small bowel injuries presents with obstruction or peritonitis. Owing to an average latency period of years, many of these patients are admitted to community hospitals and treated by general surgeons, who in turn see only a few pertinent patients in their professional lifetime. This study intends to provide the(More)
In a randomized, open study, the efficacy of fluconazole as a prophylaxis of recurrent oral candidiasis in patients with advanced stages of HIV-infection (CD4 cell count<100/mm3) was studied. For this purpose, the frequency of episodes of oral candidiasis during two different prophylaxis regimens (50 mg/day vs. 100 mg/day) were compared to an untreated(More)
In emergency abdominal surgery associated with bacterial contamination, primary skin suture resulted in a 39 percent wound sepsis rate. After subcutaneous approximation and open skin treatment in 85 patients, healing occurred without complication. After completely open wound management in five obese patients, wound healing occurred without wound sepsis, but(More)
BACKGROUND To investigate the effects of stimulated and non-stimulated manual acupuncture at ST36 and PC6 on gastric myoelectrical activity and autonomic function. METHODS A total of 65 healthy volunteers were randomly assigned to a 1: 1: 2 ratio to receive either 15 min of verum acupuncture (VA) with stimulation followed by 15 min of VA without(More)