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This paper is a report of the interactive computer-based business simulation game developed at the Vienna University of Technology which covers the topics production planning, production control, scheduling, material management and cost calculation. Participants receive the opportunity to transfer their theoretical knowledge into a "real world" firm in a(More)
institutional repository or funder's repository and make it publicly available immediately. Abstract The purpose of this paper is to provide an enabler-based approach for a supervised self-assessment of operations excellence (OsE). Based on the latest approaches of excellence in operations from the literature as well as on the philosophy of the EFQM model,(More)
This paper presents the " Learning and Innovation Factory for Integrative Production Education " as a case study for a modern didactic approach at the Vienna University of Technology (VUT). The developed teaching methodology is combining the advantages of an interdisciplinary, experiences-based and applied approach to knowledge transfer, aiming to enhance(More)
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