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Isotopic signatures of nitrogen, argon, and xenon have been determined in separated millimeter-sized pockets of shock-melted glass in a recently identified lithology of the meteorite Zagami, a shergottite. The ratio of nitrogen-15 to nitrogen-14, which is at least 282 per mil larger than the terrestrial value, the ratio of xenon-129 to xenon-132 = 2.40, and(More)
The VEGA 1 and 2 spacecraft flew by comet P/Halley in 1986 carrying, among other instruments, two mass spectrometers to measure the elemental composition of dust particles emitted from the comet. Most particles seem to be a mixture of silicates of variable magnesium-iron composition and organic matter. Comprehensive study of data and consideration of the(More)
Optimal feedback controls of P D-or P ID-type can be approximated very efficiently by optimal open-loop feedback controls based on optimal open-loop controls. Extending the standard construction, stochastic optimal open-loop feedback controls are constructed by taking into account still the random parameter variations in the control system. Hence,(More)