Kurt Langworthy

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The distributions of serotonin- (5HT-), substance P- (SP-), small cardioactive peptideb- (SCPb-), and histamine- (HA-) like immunoreactivities were examined in the adult lobster supraesophageal ganglion. Vibratome sections were labeled using avidin-biotin-peroxidase immunocytochemical methods. The localization patterns for each substance were assessed in 21(More)
Following sciatic nerve transection, the expression of sodium channel III (alpha-III) transcripts increases and SNS (alpha-SNS) transcripts decreases in small (< 25 microns diameter) dorsal root ganglion (DRG) neurons, which may reflect an interruption of retrograde transport of peripherally derived factor(s) involved in the regulation of these channels. To(More)
Olfactory glomeruli are columnar and radially arranged at the periphery of the primary chemosensory areas, the olfactory lobes (OLs), in the American lobster Homarus americanus. The number of olfactory glomeruli reaches nearly 100/lobe in midembryonic life, increases rapidly during larval life, and stabilizes at about 200 in juvenile and adult lobsters. The(More)
Please cite this article in press as: Joh J et al. R Reliab (2010), doi:10.1016/j.microrel.2010.08.0 In GaN high-electron-mobility transistors, electrical degradation due to high-voltage stress is characterized by a critical voltage at which irreversible degradation starts to take place. Separately, cross-sectional TEM analysis has revealed significant(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the current method of using computerized tomographic (CT) scans to screen for ventricular shunt failure in children who have hydrocephalus. DESIGN Retrospective review of 112 randomly selected charts. PATIENTS Children diagnosed with infantile hydrocephalus secondary to meningomyelocele, who were treated at the Andrew J. Kirch(More)
Dual-beam focused ion beam microscopy (FIB/SEM) preparation of rock varnish for high-resolution transmission electron microscopy (HR-TEM) has enabled us to characterize unreported nanostructures. Fossils, unreported textures, and compositional variability were observed at the nanoscale. These techniques could provide a method for studying ancient(More)
While investigating rock varnish, we explored novel uses for an in-situ micromanipulator, including charge collection, sample manipulation, as well as digging and dissection at the micron level. Dual-beam focused ion beam microscopes (DB-FIB or FIBSEM) equipped with micromanipulators have proven to be valuable tools for material science, semiconductor(More)
Si0.5Geo0.5 nanowires have been utilized to fabricate source-drain channels of p-type field effect transistors (p-FETs). These transistors were fabricated using two methods, focused ion beam (FIB) and electron beam lithography (EBL). The electrical analyses of these devices show field effect transistor characteristics. The boron-doped SiGe p-FETs with a(More)
Diodes within individual silicon nanowires were fabricated by doping them during growth to produce p-n junctions. Electron beam lithography was then employed to contact p- and n-doped ends of these nanowires. The current-voltage (I-V) measurements showed diode-like characteristics with a typical threshold voltage (Vt) of about 1 V and an ideality factor (n)(More)
Clast weathering rinds, formed over varying lengths of time (10(2) -10(6) years) in terrestrial environments, are measured to provide relative ages for deposits in glacial sequences, specifically to differentiate between glaciations, occasionally within glaciations. Other studies have sought to reveal weathering rates in non-glacial environments using(More)
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