Kurt Kosanke

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Integrating and managing complex enterprises requires understanding, partitioning and simplification of the complexity. Enterprise modelling supports these requirements by providing means for describing process oriented systems and decomposing them intla manageable parts. However, enterprise modelling requires both a common modelling language and a(More)
  • Kurt Kosanke
  • Int. J. IT Standards and Standardization Res.
  • 2005
The worldwide collaboration and cooperation of enterprises of all sizes have increased the need for interoperability standards, especially for businesses in global environments. Such standards are concerned with the communication aspects of information and communication technology (ICT), such as protocols, safety, and security, as well as the syntax and(More)
CIMOSA (Computer Integrated Manufacturing Open System Architecture) has been developed during a time where the focus was on Manufacturing. However it was clear from the very beginning that its process-oriented concepts can be applied to any enterprise. This paper presents a summary of the CIMOSA concepts starting with some general remarks on enterprise(More)