Kurt Hollocher

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We report that the DNA methylation profile of a child's neonatal whole blood can be significantly influenced by his or her mother's neonatal blood lead levels (BLL). We recruited 35 mother-infant pairs in Detroit and measured the whole blood lead (Pb) levels and DNA methylation levels at over 450,000 loci from current blood and neonatal blood from both the(More)
We developed Drosophila melanogaster as a model to study correlated behavioral, neuronal and genetic effects of the neurotoxin lead, known to affect cognitive and behavioral development in children. We showed that, as in vertebrates, lead affects both synaptic development and complex behaviors (courtship, fecundity, locomotor activity) in Drosophila. By(More)
Through human activity lead has become a serious environmental neurotoxin, known to affect activity levels, attention and both sensory and cognitive function in children. Study of lead would be facilitated by having a model system that could be manipulated easily and quickly. We find Drosophila melanogaster ideal as such, and we have been studying effects(More)
Long term or chronic exposure to lead is associated with cognitive and other deficits in humans, which may reflect lead-induced changes in synaptic development and function. We believe that Drosophila has great potential as a model system for studying such changes. To test this, we compared the structure of single, identified synapses between identified(More)
  • A Field, Trip Honoring, J B Thompson, C Page Chamberlain, Henry N Berry, John T Cheney +17 others
  • 2015
iii INTRODUCTION For over three decades, Jim Thompson has led students on field trips across the northern Appalachians of New England. Typically, this trip was run across the tectonic grain, extending from the Grenville basement of the Adirondacks to the high-grade Devonian gneisses of New Hampshire. Because JBT's field trips were across strike traverses(More)
  • William H Peck, Bruce W Selleck, Martin S Wong, Alexandria Bay, Jim Mclelland, Jeff Chiarenzelli +36 others
  • 2011
Geology Consortium. The student projects from this field season and the following academic year form the nucleus of this work. We thank Stocker, and Celina Will for their hard work, assistance in the field in a variety of ways, and general good humor during this project. (U Michigan) generously hosted members of this project during trips to use analytical(More)
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