Kurt Hoffman

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The rat prostate comprises dorsal, ventral and lateral lobes that are morphologically and biochemically distinct. Lesions to these structures are expected to affect the quality of the ejaculate and male fertility. In experiment 1, we analyzed ejaculate parameters of males that had chemical lesions of the dorsal or ventral lobes. At pre-lesion and at 5 and(More)
1. THE JORDAN SORTING PROBLRMS. Let C be a Jordan curve in the plane and let x,,x2,,..,xn be the abscissas of the intersection points of C with the x-axis, listed in the order the points occur on C. (See Figure 1). We call a sequence of real numbers x x ,' 2*...Jn obtainable in this way a Jordan sequence. In this paper we consider the problem of recognizing(More)
That financial matters did not constrain industrial takeoff in the UK is generally accepted in the historical literature; in contrast, contemporary empirical analyses have found evidence that financial development can be a causal determinant of economic growth. We look to reconcile these findings by concentrating on a particular aspect of industrialising UK(More)
COURSE CONTENT This course presumes a knowledge of linear algebra at the level of the second undergraduate year. The main topics to be covered are multi-linear algebra (including bilinear forms, Hermitian forms, duality, the tensor product, symmetric and exterior powers for vector spaces) and the theory of rational canonical forms (the similarity problem(More)
Vector spaces over fields, subspaces, bases and dimension. Continuity and uniform continuity. Monotonic functions, Functions of bounded variation; Absolutely continuous functions. Derivatives of functions and Taylor's theorem. Riemann integral and its properties, characterization of Riemann integrable functions. group of rigid motions of the plane and(More)
A search is made for charged Higgs bosons predicted by Two-Higgs-Doublet extensions of the Standard Model (2HDM) using electron-positron collision data collected by the OPAL experiment at √ s = 189–209 GeV, corresponding to an integrated luminosity of approximately 600 pb −1. Charged Higgs bosons are assumed to be pair-produced and to decay into q¯ q, τ ν τ(More)
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