Kurt Hoffman

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1. THE JORDAN SORTING PROBLRMS. Let C be a Jordan curve in the plane and let x,,x2,,..,xn be the abscissas of the intersection points of C with the x-axis, listed in the order the points occur on C. (See Figure 1). We call a sequence of real numbers x x ,' 2*...Jn obtainable in this way a Jordan sequence. In this paper we consider the problem of recognizing(More)
The rat prostate comprises dorsal, ventral and lateral lobes that are morphologically and biochemically distinct. Lesions to these structures are expected to affect the quality of the ejaculate and male fertility. In experiment 1, we analyzed ejaculate parameters of males that had chemical lesions of the dorsal or ventral lobes. At pre-lesion and at 5 and(More)
In estrogen-primed female rats, vaginal cervical stimulation (VCS) provided by male intromissions or by an experimenter enhances estrous behaviors exhibited by females during subsequent mating with a male. We tested the hypothesis that alpha(1)-adrenergic receptors, acting via the nitric oxide-cGMP-protein kinase G pathway, mediate VCS-induced facilitation(More)
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