Kurt Hensch

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For Part 1 see "Requirements and Initial Phonetic Product Solutions in the 1960s," and for Part 2, see "Initial Efforts for Full Kanji Solutions, 1970s." The current work describes the coordination of worldwide efforts in IBM that were launched in the 1970s to ensure implementation of far Eastern language requirements with IBM products, in order that IBM(More)
The authors describe the intricacies of character encoding, processing, and printing involved in IBM's successful efforts to develop the first commercial general Kanji computer system. Later during this time frame, the first commercial Kanji system was introduced. IBM was also launching development of the first computerized newspaper publishing system to(More)
This article begins a three-part series, presenting an overview of events in IBM that preceded today's versatility in handling Far Eastern languages in the IT arena. Here, Part 1 analyzes the complexities and characteristics of the Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai, and other Far Eastern languages in the context of 1960s technologies and early IT products(More)
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